Common Behavior Disorders In Children

The unruly little ones are difficult to control and make to conform to something. Though a behavior problem in children is found in some cases it does not mean that everything that a child do is problematic. Every stage of life and age groups has a definite trait. But an extreme deviation from such traits is not normal. But it is not unusual that a child will do some crazy things and will find it tough to sit still in the classroom. When the tantrums are frequent and it is tough to control a kid, it is indication of behavior disorders. There are common behavior problems in children and every must know about them.

Some common behavior problems from which children suffer are oppositional defiant disorders (ODD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, learning disorders, bipolar disorders and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many of the mentioned names are known to people.

Oppositional defiant disorders (ODD):

ODD is a disorder that makes a child show outbursts of anger. Often such outbursts are directed at people who have the authority. If the behavior persists more than six months and is creating a problem in the child’s development, then it must be treated. Visit a reputed child psychologist in Sydney and treat your child.

Conduct disorders:

Conduct disorder is a problem that includes cruelty towards various creatures. A child may show cruelty towards a human being or an animal. There may be physical violence which may lead to criminal activity. Such behaviors are not normal for children of preschool age.


Autism is a disorder that affects children in various ways. It can show behavioral, social or cognitive disorders. It is often considered as a form of neurological disorder and the symptoms can begin even in infanthood. Many children are diagnosed with autism and this problem can be addressed with the help of a professional who offers autism assessment Sydney.

Emotional problems:

Sometimes, children suffer from problems which are basically emotional. Children need attention more than others. When they do not get this attention, they fall prey to behavior problems. Such problems do not bother for long. These problems do pass when children get the necessary attention from parents. In some cases, professional help may be needed. Professionals help children to control their anger and emotions.


Parenting is an important part of a child’s development. In some cases, the method of parenting must be changed. While in some cases, strict rules upon children must be imposed to contain them, in some cases the child must get the parents as friends. Authoritative parenting can be helpful in some cases and in others there must be less or no restrictions or rules upon the child.